Precise - Determined - Proactive


In order to meet the diverse challenges of daily work, a precise personal orientation and a self-confident approach are essential. Complex challenges need robust solutions. ART STRATEGY boosts such a clarity and competencies through a highly effective procedure.

Our broad experience shows that ART STRATEGY promotes individual and team development processes. It builds on resources, fosters trust and inspires collaboration within teams.

ART STRATEGY is based on the well-established art-intervention approach and methods of the domain of positive psychology.

Unconventional. Effective. Impressive. In unusual settings such as gallery, museum and studio, as participants we were able to develop a very special approach to our own strengths, values and leadership work. This experience can be best integrated into daily practice

David Nitschke (Quadriga Universität)

Dealing with Uncertainty

To create art requires a willingness to take risks, to play with ideas, to deal with uncertainty and decisiveness.

ART STRATEGY uses these principles to initiate developments and to anchor decisions.

Art Strategy works with the well-researched approaches of positive psychology to work on aspects like strengths, purpose and values.

Art Strategy

Marlen Nebelung
Jörg Reckhenrich


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